Apple Mac Services

We repair and upgrade all Apple Mac systems. Our friendly technicians at PC Care Service with assist you with Apple repairs, including iMac and MacBook repairs, in a simple easy to understand language at an affordable price.

Additionally, all our work come with 30 Day Service Guarantee, meaning you can relax knowing that your Mac is in safe hands.

We also assist you with standard repairs and troubleshooting. Some of the common Apple Mac issues and problems are listed below: –

  • Data back-up and recovery
  • Virus removal
  • Installation of internet security software
  • New Mac set-ups, and email and wireless network configuration
  • Airport Capsule and Extreme Setup
  • Upgrading software and networks
  • Specific Mac repairs on MacBooks, iMacs or Mac Minis
  • Preventative maintenance and servicing
  • Mac is slow to boot up and very slow to use
  • Slow Programs
  • spinning rainbow wheel that won’t go away
  • freezing or crashing
  • iMac or MacBook won’t shut down properly
  • Random wi-fi dropouts
  • MacBook don’t charge
  • Sound issues
  • Hard drive errors
  • Blue screen or blank desktop on start-up
  • The display issues
  • Unable to install the latest software
  • Strange noises from Mac
  • CD/DVD stuck in drive
  • Forgotten passwords
  • Boot issues
  • Cracked screens

Typical Apple Mac Problems

  • Operating System Not booting
  • Data Recovery from hard drive or MAC.
  • Hard drive is at full capacity and needing upgrade to SSD
  • MAC running slow – Memory upgrade
  • Password Issues.
  • Damaged Screen.
  • Damaged Trackpad and/or Keyboard.
  • Power Button issues.
  • Failed Sync between you MAC and iPhone.
  • Water Damage.

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