Virus Removal

Some of the potential indications of virus on your computer.

  • When you feel something is not quite right with your computer because it shows up pop ups from an application that you never installed
  • Your computer is extremely slow
  • Applications are not running properly
  • Your bank just massaged you suggesting that your online banking account may have been compromised

They could all be the signals telling you that there could be virus on your computer.

At PCCareService, We have a team of experts ready to help you fix your computer and get rid of any unwanted viruses from your PC.

We will not only help you clean and remove the virus, spywares, Trojans, Malware, adware, ransom ware; we will also help you with recovering your data and restore your PC back to what it was before it was compromised.

Once we have rectified all the issues, we will also help you browse with confidence by installing some of the industry leading antivirus applications to help protect your Computer.

Our Services Include:-

  • Remove all viruses, Trojans, malware, spywares , ransom wares and clean  your computer
  • Update and upgrade Computer Operating system for better protection
  • New clean re-installation of Operating System ( OS) wherever required
  • Resolve all operating system issues
  • We install the latest industry proven antivirus software helping you browse with confidence.

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