Computer and Laptop Upgrade ( Software & Hardware)

Why Upgrade

Computers add up to the growing e-waste menace while most can be easily upgraded at a fractional cost and used for longer period. According to, 88% of the 4 million computers and TVs purchased in Australia every year will end up in landfill – this contributes to the 140,000+ tonnes of electronic waste generated by Australians every year” . At PCCareService, We believe in helping you reuse your Computer and Laptops as much as possible without compromising the performance.  Our reasons are

  • Most modern computer systems are very powerful. With a slight tweak, it can run for ages
  • Sustainability in ingrained in our Vision. We love to keep reducing electronic waste thereby keeping planet a little greener and little more pleasant.
  • We want to reduce your spending on computers and laptop if we can. Most systems can be upgraded to be used for longer period with few changes that will cost you a fraction of a new computer/Laptop. As a result, you save a lot of money, reduce electronic waste and help maintain a cleaner planet.
  • Almost all upgrades will give your computer/ Laptop great performance capabilities and lots of savings without the need for buying a new Computer or Laptop.
  • So help us help you save money without comprising on computer performance


We upgrade all Computers and Laptops (Hardware and Software). Feel free to give a ring to our friendly Tech Team if you would like to upgrade your computer or Laptop and they will guide you through possible upgrade options. Our Numbers are 0431839592/ 0423193395.You can also write to us at or