Home Internet Setup and Support

Are you struggling with setting up your Wired/ wireless home network? Our experts are a call away from helping you set up your home wired and wireless internet.

Set up your wireless network and secure it

Once you have NBN or any broadband internet connection, it is important that it is set up well and securely to ensure safe usage. Our team will help you set up your home wireless and wired network to help you peacefully and securely browse internet on all your devices

Set up network between computers (Home Network)

We will help you connect all home computers to share the files between them and also help you create a central repository to keep all your ( Shared) files in one location which can be accessed by all computers you have at home and also set restrictions on who can access the content.

Connect your smart phones, laptops, desktop computers smart TVs and more to home network

Want help connecting all your smart devices to the home network? Our team will help you connect your laptop and desktop computers and smart phones and TVs to the internet.

Print from any home laptop or desktop computer (Shared Printer)

Want to print from any laptop or desktop computer at home? We will help you print from any Desktop computer or laptops that you have at your home. Connect all your Laptops and Desktop computer to one Printer to print from any system at home. We will get all your home laptops and desktops computers print ready.